Kentucky White Dove Releases

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dove release at funeral

Many times after the passing of a Loved One we are left with a sense of emptiness. Where do we go from here? How do we move on?

A graveside service with a dove release allows a quiet moment of reflection and comfort. The single dove released, representing your loved one's spirit allows for closure as the spirit is escorted on their journey into the Heavens.

An Inspiration poem may be read before the release explaining the symbolism of the release to family and friends.

Oh had I but wings Like a dove , I would fly away and be at rest. Psalms 55:6.

At the end of the graveside service, a family member releases the doves from a beautifully decorated basket. The doves rise into the sky, circling while awaiting the spirit dove to join them. Together they begin their spiritual journey into the Heavens and their finial flight home.

We at Inspirational Doves would be honored to help you select a reading or a song that will give comfort and meaning to your ceremony.

Packages and Pricing

Single Dove
A single white dove released form a beautifully decorated basket in honor of your loved one.

Trinity Release (4 Doves)
3 doves release from a beautifully decorated basket by a family member, representing the Father, Son, and the Holly Spirit. Followed by a single dove in another basket representing the Spirit on its final flight home.

Angel Escort Release (11) Doves 10 White Doves are released from a beautifully decorated basket. As they circle the Sprit dove is release from another basket by a family member and is escorted by a flock of angels on their journey home.

Additional Doves released from a decorative basket by a family member or friend.
$10.00 each Inspirational White Dove Release

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